Mesin Cuci Maytag MHN33PDCGW (Coin Drop)

Description :

Commercial Single Load, Energy Advantage ™ Front-Load Washer For Your Operation

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLS : Controls offer owners the ability to customize vend prices and washer cycle options, such as Super Cycle, ensuring optional revenue.


Features :

ADVANCED SPIN TECHNOLOGY : Delivers more accurate cycle times and better unbalanced performance.

A six-point suspension features four dampers and two springs, providing better stability for the entire wash unit.

DURACORE DRIVE SYSTEM : Advanced drive system is more reliable and features a triple-lip seal, robust shaft sleeve, premium bearings, and die-cast trunnion.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT CLEANING : ENERGY STAR®-qualified and uses on average 10.71 gallons of water per cycle, which helps reduce energy and water costs.

TurboWash™ System?s high-efficiency technology delivers energy savings without sacrificing cleaning performance.

MAYTAG CONNECT 360°™ COMPATIBLE Delivers real-time machine diagnostics to any mobile device via the cloud, offering owners the ultimate in machine control.

5-Year Limited Warranty–All Parts Covered

Configuration and Overview

CEE TierTier III (Highest Possible Efficiency Rating)
Control TypeElectronic
Drum MaterialStainless Steel
Motor Horsepower1/2 HP


The Maytag Difference




Coin Drop ReadyYes
Coin Slide ReadyNo
Infrared Data CollectionYes
Meter CaseYes
Meter Case Service doorYes
Service Mode ActivationYes


Electrical Requirements

15Amps. 60Hz. 120V. .

Please refer to the Installation Instructions for detailed electrical information.


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